Awards & Recognitions

Simon Konover Recognition for Excellence in Holocaust Teaching

In 2016, Voices of Hope and the HERO Center launched its Simon Konover Recognition for Excellence in Holocaust Teaching. The award recognizes educators who have shown their passion for Holocaust education. Simon, who was a Holocaust survivor himself, endured unimaginable hardships during the Shoah. In the years following, Simon made sure to live every day of his life to the fullest, minute to minute, not hour to hour. It is through this award that we continue to recognize the importance of individual teachers and their dedication to bear witness to the Holocaust.

Previous honorees:

  • 2024: Stephen Armstrong, Samuel Kassow, and Sophie Morganstern
  • 2023: Joseph Goldman and Rachel Torres
  • 2022: Kimberly Ballaro, Ian Lowell, Jessica Palliardi, and Lauren Thompson
  • 2020: All Our Outstanding Educators
  • 2019: Amy Miller and Colleen Simon
  • 2018: Dr. Avinoam Patt and Dr. Joseph Olzacki
  • 2017: Beth Krasemann and Lorie Zackin
  • 2016: Stu Abrams

Do you know an educator deserving of this recognition? Get in touch and tell us why your nominee should be our next honoree!