Trunks of Hope – Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Teaching Trunk Loan

1.    The contents of the Teaching Trunk are described in the inventory list which is sent with the Trunk. Upon receiving the Trunk, the Teacher must cross-check the items in the Teaching Trunk against the inventory. Within 48 hours after receipt of the Teaching Trunk, the Teacher must notify Voices of Hope by email of any items that are damaged or missing from the Teaching Trunk. If, within this 48-hour period, the Teacher does not notify Voices of Hope of missing or damaged items, all items listed in the inventory will be presumed to be present and in good condition.

2.    The Teacher will keep accurate written records of teacher and student use of all materials in the Teaching Trunk.

3.    When a request has been confirmed, Voices of Hope staff and the requesting teacher will come to an agreement as to how the trunk will be delivered and returned. Depending on the location of the school and the schedule of the teacher and staff, the trunk may be delivered by Voices of Hope staff of volunteers. It may also be picked up by the teacher in our office at an agreed upon day and time.

4.    Upon return, the Teaching Trunk and all inventory items must be in the same condition that they were in upon delivery of the Teaching Trunk. If any of the inventory items are damaged or missing, the Teacher agrees to reimburse Voices of Hope for the replacement cost. Payment will be due upon receipt of an invoice from Voices of Hope. Late return or excessive wear and tear may also result in suspension of further borrowing privileges.

5.    The Teacher will be responsible for any loss or damage to the Teaching Trunk and inventory items. The Trunk will be inventoried by Voices of Hope upon its return. The Teacher must notify Voices of Hope prior to shipping the Trunk back about any damaged or missing items or any damage to the Trunk case.

6.    Voices of Hope requires a school credit card number provided by the Teacher and is authorized to utilize the credit card number to reimburse Voices of Hope for replacement or repair of damaged or missing items. The Teacher will be notified about the charges.

7.    Upon completion of the Teaching Trunk loan, the Teacher agrees to send a letter of thanks. Please include your reflections of the Teaching Trunk and how it enhanced your classroom’s Holocaust unit. The Teacher also agrees to provide student feedback, which may take the form of written notes or other method the Teacher deems appropriate.

8.    The Teacher acknowledges that the Teaching Trunk and all inventory items are the property of Voices of Hope. The Teacher agrees to use the contents of the Teaching Trunk as they would use their own department’s materials. The Teacher also agrees to use the materials in compliance with all applicable laws, including federal copyright law. The Teaching Trunk and inventory items may be used only for educational purposes and for no other use without the prior written consent of Voices of Hope.

9.    The Teacher understands that the subject matter of the Teaching Trunk materials is a sensitive one. In accepting the Teaching Trunk from Voices of Hope, the Teacher also accepts the responsibility to communicate respect for the topic to their students in the treatment of the subject matter and the use of the materials.

10. Voices of Hope shall not be liable for any loss of or damage to property of the Teacher or others, or for death or injury to the Teacher or any person, arising from transporting or otherwise using the Teaching Trunk. The Teacher hereby releases Voices of Hope from any claim, loss, liability, damage, or expense which may be incurred by the Teacher as result of the transportation or use of the Teaching Trunk.