E-Resource Policy

By using the electronic resources offered by PKT Development and Voices of Hope, Inc., you agree to comply with and be bound by its Electronic Resource Use Policy.

Access to electronic resources through PKT Development and Voices of Hope, Inc. is governed by the following:

  • PKT Development and Voices of Hope, Inc. policies and procedures
  • Contractual license and terms of service agreements with publishers and vendors
  • Copyright law

The following actions constitute violations of appropriate use:

  • Systematic or substantial downloading or printing of content. Please be aware that downloading an entire issue of a journal or an entire book is often viewed as systematic downloading;
  • The use of programs to capture content is strictly prohibited;
  • Sharing content with unauthorized users;
  • Altering content or creating derivative content;
  • Use of content or access to content for commercial purposes;
  • Any activity that may infringe or obfuscate the copyright notice or statement associated with the content.

Voices of Hope, Inc. electronic devices are open for public use, and are strictly for educational and research purposes only. Users agree to the following:

  • All research must be conducted within the realm of Holocaust and Genocide Studies;
  • An appointment must be made to access on-site resources by contacting info@ctvoicesofhope.org;
  • Permission to use printing facilities must be obtained by PKT Development or Voices of Hope, Inc. staff;
  • Students under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Students under the age of 18 must obtain parental/guardian permission to conduct research on the premises.